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The Wilderness Society
Idaho Conservation League
Sierra Club
The Nature Conservancy
Owyhee County Commissioners
Idaho Outfitters and Guides Association
Idaho Rivers United


Owyhee County Soil Conservation Districts: e-mail (no website available)
Owyhee Cattlemen's Association: Chad Gibson (no website available)
Owyhee Borderlands Trust (no website available)


The Owyhee Public Land Management Bill of 2008, introduced by Sen. Mike Crapo, R-Idaho, was carefully developed through the collaborative efforts of diverse local and national groups. The following individuals and organizations support all and/or specific provisions of the legislation.

Owyhee County Commission
The Shoshone-Paiute Tribes
Idaho 4x4 Association
Idaho Foundation for North American Wild Sheep
Backcountry Horsemen
Owyhee Cattlemen’s Association
Idaho Conservation League
Idaho Falconers Association
Idaho State Pistol and Rifle Association
Idaho Steelhead and Salmon Unlimited
Owyhee Boarderlands Trust
Idaho Water Users
American Whitewater Association
Idaho Wild Turkey Federation
Mountain Home Air Force Base
Idaho Representative Burt Brackett
Former Idaho Representative Francis Field
Idaho Senator Clint Stennett
Idaho Senator David Langhorst

The Owyhee Project
Owyhee County Farm Bureau

The Owyhee Project
Owyhee County Farm Bureau

Bruneau and Owyhee County Soil Conservation Districts
Idaho Association of Soil Conservation Districts
Elmore County Farm Bureau
Idaho State Land Board
(Members: Former Gov. Jim Risch, Attorney General Lawrence Wasden, Superintendent of Public Instruction Marilyn Howard, State Controller Keith Johnson, Secretary of State Ben Ysursa)
The Nature Conservancy
Middle Snake Group of the Sierra Club
Sierra Club
Idaho Water Users Association
Idaho Outfitters and Guides Association
Foundation for North American Wild Sheep
Campaign for America’s Wilderness
Idaho Rivers United
Southern Idaho Desert Racing Association
Ted Trueblood Chapter of Trout Unlimited
The Wilderness Society
idaho Farm Bureau
Idaho Cattlemen’s Association
Idaho Wildlife Federation